Hello and welcome to my portfolio! This is a selection of work from my time at school as well as my internship. I am an aspiring graphic designer and visual artist and this is more than just a gallery, it is a representation of myself and my hard work here for everyone to see and I hope that it is enjoyed as much as I have reveled in creating it. While graphic design for print and web is my primary focus, I also love venturing off into photography and illustration. Whether it be the computer or ink and watercolor, I find the challenge of using different media to be exciting and fulfilling. As a graduate of Indiana University of South Bend I have been able to grow and expand while in pursuit of my Bachelor’s in Fine Art. Attending Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts has consumed me for the last few years and after following up with an excellent internship at the St. Joseph County Chamber of Commerce, my knowledge and skills are ready for use in the fulfillment of a lifelong calling.

Revel in Creativity

Inspiration comes from all around me whether it be nature, society, or my relationships with others. My work is a part of me, even if it is something designed for someone else, therefore I take pride in my design and put my confidence behind it. Even small details are important, sometimes the smallest details can make a big difference in how a piece is perceived as a whole. The ability to create allows me  to savor life and I hope my work allows others to gain their own interests and inspirations in and from my visual content.